65% of consumers are visual learners.

When it comes to brand storytelling, nothing beats the power of video. Connect with your audience creating a lasting impression and believers in your brand.

Video allows your audience to experience your brand in a meaningful, dimensional medium as they form real, emotional connections to you, your products, and your service.

Based in Vero Beach, Ironside’s award-winning videography team will transform your brand story into a dynamic and engaging piece ready to meet your marketing goals. Whether a 15-second pre-roll video ad for YouTube or a four-minute brand explainer video for your website, Ironside has the tools and the know-how to capture your audience.

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Brand Video

A brand video shared on your website and social media channels is the ultimate brand biography.

Your company has an important message to share – whether it’s your dedication to producing a quality product or a how a hair-brained idea turned into a successful business, sharing your brand’s story, mission and values creates valuable connections with your customers and advocates for your brand.

Pre-Roll Video

Pre-Roll video advertising gives all businesses the chance to put video in front of consumers in a budget-friendly medium targeting only those who matter to your business. What is pre-roll advertising, you ask? If you have ever watched a YouTube video you’ve seen a pre-roll or mid-roll ad, usually the first 15 seconds or so, or sprinkled in throughout your viewing experience.

Think of pre-roll video as your elevator pitch. Your 5 seconds to entice someone to want to learn more. The best preforming pre-roll ads get your brand message across immediately. With a limited amount of time to make a lasting impression and convey your brand message, Ironside’s skilled videographers and scriptwriters use their creative prowess to make your time in the spotlight memorable. A clear message, interesting subject matter and obvious branding are all components of a strong pre-roll advertising campaign.

Unlike the blanket (and expensive) approach of traditional broadcast media advertising, pre-roll video ads allow you to target a consumer, not just a channel. Whether you want your message in front of mothers of teenagers, those in your zip code planning a vacation, males who earn more than $100k a year, or females 24-32 interested in playing the ukulele, the targeting options of pre-roll advertising ensure that your message gets in front of those who matter to your bottom line.

Animated Video

Looking for a way to demonstrate a concept, showcase an idea or bring attention to your business?

Animated videos by Ironside convey your content in a creative, easy to follow, and captivating format that your audience will appreciate. Our animated videos can feature even the most complex branding or graphics, and with an in-house design and illustration team, Ironside’s animated videos are guaranteed to be polished.

Ironside’s Cinematic Storytelling Process

What seems like a relatively simple exercise, storyboarding is the heart of the videography process. The key to an engaging and effective video is messaging. A clear goal, target audience and message must be established before any script writing, filming or audio recording takes place. Ironside’s creative team will work closely with you to determine the best way to present your brand to appeal to your audience and meet your goals. From there, our team will scout locations, map out the various scenes and concept options before settling on a story board.

Prior to filming, our scriptwriters and videographers work with you to determine the best way to convey your brand message to appeal to your audiences needs and desires. A script is not just what is said on film, but any action of either the actors or the camera. Think of the script as the play-by-play for the film.

Using some of the best film capture technology available, we shoot on location or in our studio capturing the footage to tell your story. Our film crew provides the direction and guidance to ensure each scene is up to snuff.

Professionally rendered post-production graphics, animation and sound mixing give you a complete, polished video ready to promote your brand.

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