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A well-rounded marketing plan includes digital marketing and advertising. Based on consumer interests, location, and other behaviors/demographics, Ironside’s digital marketing team is able to get your ads seen by your businesses’ ideal target audience. Our team works closely with you to evaluate your current business model and determine which of our digital advertising campaign services will best reach your target audience to build brand awareness and encourage conversions.

Depending on the type of service or product you offer, we may advise a strong social media campaign, programmatic campaign, a search engine advertising campaign or a combination of these approaches. From there, our marketing strategists will determine the type of medium-banner ads, search, and/or video that will best deliver your message to maximize the return on your digital media and advertising budget.

When you choose to work with Ironside for your digital marketing needs, you will be working directly with our in-house, Vero Beach based, team of digital marketing experts. You’ll be receiving reports and discussing strategy with a real person, and your business will benefit from over 30 years of experience in understanding the local market dynamics of digital advertising on the Treasure Coast. Simply stated: Ironside’s full digital advertising services will simplify your process while maximizing your potential to reach new clients and grow your business.

Benefits of Digital Advertising

  • Compared to other mediums, digital advertising is relatively inexpensive (average cost per thousand impressions: Banner $8, Video $13.)
  • Digital advertising is incredibly responsive and can be adjusted within minutes.
  • Detailed targeting allows your business to only spend on relevant consumers.
  • Businesses are provided with robust amount of data to gauge effectiveness . Not only will you know how many people saw your ad, you will also be provided data on the viewer’s demographics, which ad they saw, if they clicked, and ultimately if they converted.
  • Ads can be tailored to a viewer’s unique profile or exploration path.


While the targeting capabilities for digital advertising are robust, the majority of digital advertising falls into one of the below targeting categories.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising through digital channels allows a business to target individuals based on demographics such as gender, zip code, age or income. These targeted campaigns are ideal for brand awareness in the marketplace. A targeted advertising approach would work well for a semi-broad campaign, such as restaurant wanting to reach those within a 5-mile radius of their location, or a more precise target, such as a luxury home furnishings store wanting to reach females ages 40+ in the top 20% of income levels.

Consumer Intent Advertising

Consumer intent ads are targeted based off your target’s behaviors. For example, if you have a pool servicing company, you will likely want to leverage consumer intent advertising by targeting individuals that have shown previous web interest in pool cleaning products or pool servicing companies.

Geofenced Digital Advertising

Targeting at a household level, geofence targeting is ideal for those with a known customer base or when trying to reach a very specific list of individuals. Geofence targeting also pairs well with direct mail advertising. For example, a car company wants to reach those who make over $100k per year and have not purchased or leased a new car in the last 5 years. Ironside will help them develop a list of targets, run a robust digital campaign to build product awareness, then follow up with a direct mail piece as an invite for a trial.

Search Engine Marketing

Most people know search engine marketing as pay per click. This advertising method leverages a bidding system for specific keywords in order to have your business appear higher in Google’s search results. This leads to more clicks, phone calls, and conversions. Search engine marketing is not for everyone but does work well for service-related industries.

Retargeting Advertising

Have you ever visited a website and seen advertisements for the product you were just looking at? You have been retargeted! The website uses a cookie for each user that visits the website. When the visitor leaves, a retargeting campaign would deliver ads to this user at a higher frequency.

Whether YouTube bumper ads, paid search engine placement or pin-point targeted geofenced digital advertising, Ironside's digital marketing campaigns maximize ROI while cementing your brand.

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