While most businesses have heard that SEO is crucial for their website to be found, only the best web developers fully understand the depth and breadth of this complex and ever-evolving marketing tool. And although we can’t promise to turn you into an SEO expert, we can give you some insight from our SEO gurus to help you better understand how to increase the chances of your website being shown when it matters.SEO Key Components in Order of Importance



The first step to being found, your website must be indexed on a search engine’s database.


Keyword stuffing is a thing of the not-so-distant past. Search engine technology has evolved from looking for just keywords to looking for valuable phrases, images and diagrams that address the searcher’s query.


Although keyword loading is out, keywords are still vital to being found. It’s crucial to understand what your target audience is searching for and how your website can answer their needs, then utilize those terms within a variety of meaningful content to increase your site’s chances of being found.


A slow load speed, lack of mobile optimization, and null links all lower your ranking on the Search Engine totem pole. Users should find your site easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to find the answers they need. Search Engines want the same.


The more websites and people that link to your content the more valid your site is in a search engine’s eyes. Shares on social media, forums, and other blogs all count, so share, share, share!


Clear titles, labeled images, and headings all help boost your site’s accessibility. Your page about crumpets should have the word crumpets somewhere in the site address, in the title and image names – but remember captivating content is crucial, so an image titled “baking crumpets in a convection oven” is much better than “crumpets1”.



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