Comprehensive Real Estate Marketing.

Custom Real Estate Marketing

Lights, camera, action!

Lights, camera, action! Listing a home is a lot like producing a show. You have to captivate attention, create desire, and induce action for your show to be successful. At Ironside, we’re here to help you put on this show and get your clients interested in what you’re all about. Whether you’re listing a luxurious estate or simply a two-bedroom condo, we can help you present in a remarkable way.

Ironside offers the most comprehensive real estate marketing solution for realtors. We’ll let you focus on what you do best as we take care of the rest through our expertise in video marketing, direct mail, and digital advertising.

Video Marketing for Real Estate

As a realtor, you can’t afford not to utilize the power of video. That’s because 85% of buyers and sellers want to see a listing through video. Not only are videos desired by buyers and sellers, but they are also effective in creating an inviting experience.

At Ironside, our award-winning team of filmmakers has helped realtors transform their listings into beautifully crafted videos that increase agent brand awareness and leads. Additionally, our videos are shot using the high-quality ProRes RAW video format for a stunning look and feel.

(Statistic according to a Google/NAR study)

Video has become an integral part of the real estate marketing experience. No matter the value or size of your listings, we can make a video to suit your budget. The sky’s the limit with our real estate video solutions.

Direct Mail for Real Estate

Becoming the first realtor that comes to mind starts with the opening of a mailbox. It takes time and consistency to build awareness and trust with clients. Luckily, direct mail is an effective and efficient solution. Direct mail helps you connect with your clients uniquely and personally, which is essential to building familiarity.

At Ironside, our direct mail solutions precisely target your ideal clients formulating a frequency that leaves a lasting impression, and most importantly, increasing your results. When clients begin pondering about selling, they’ll know exactly who to contact.

Digital Advertising for Real Estate

Today, almost all home buyers and sellers see a listing online before they purchase. Through our digital services, we understand how to capture your audience and put you on the screens that matter most.

Ironside’s team will help you make the right impression through a dynamic website, insightful social media presence, and targeted programmatic adverting, all of which influence your lead conversion. We even go beyond and take an analytical approach to your search engine optimization to make you stand at the top of the rankings.

Video Package Options

"The Show"
Cost: $600-$800
  • 1-person crew
  • 1-camera
  • Aerial drone footage
  • Highlight reel/teaser – less than :60
  • Scripted
  • Voice over
  • 2-hours or less on site
  • Animation, titles, transitions
  • 1-song + sound design


"The Tell"
Cost: $1500-1700
  • 2-person crew
  • 2-cameras
  • 4-hours on site
  • Ariel drone footage
  • Actor/staged scene
  • Lifestyle footage
  • Narrated/voice over
  • 2-songs + sound design


"The Sell"
Cost: $2,000+
  • 3-person crew
  • 2+ cameras
  • Ariel drone footage
  • Actors
  • 2+ scene
  • Cinematic luxury videos
  • Staged scene
  • Set design
  • Lifestyle footage
  • Narrated/voice over
  • 2+ songs + sound design


■  Sartain Brand Video
■  William Charle
■   Cathy Curly

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

~Mark Twain