Adapting Your Marketing to Coronavirus

Let’s face it, the current global pandemic has thrown us all for a loop. We know, for most of our clients, it’s anything but business as usual.

We’ve all had to adapt at a speed much greater than the typical business evolution, and many of us are still trying to figure out where our business fits in this new “social-distancing” business scape.

While there’s no playbook for dealing with an emergency like this, we’ve put together some suggestions for making your marketing work through the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Be There. Be Real. A touch of normalcy goes a long way when everything else is far from ordinary. Reach out to your clients, check in, but do so without any sales motives. Connect, ask “How are you? How can we help?”

  • Stay Top-of-Mind. It’s worth remembering people never really “stop” buying, they’re just more likely to postpone purchases due to uncertainty. Now is the time to build your brand recognition so that you are the defacto choice when the people are ready to buy again.

  • Embrace Digital. As we are now forced to rely on the internet to provide the interaction and services we previously enjoyed in person, think about how your business can get involved. Join the community social media forums, create email blasts to share products and delivery options, film a how-to video. As people consume all this additional digital content, remember they are also consuming digital ads, another option available to your business for building that oh-so-important brand recognition.

  • Share Kindness. A little kindness goes along way, especially in small communities like ours. Think about what you can do with little or no overhead that will help make life a little bit better as we whether this crisis. Arrange a toilet paper drive for the elderly, donate surplus food from your restaurant to families in need, have your employees learn to make cloth face masks to distribute to the public. Your good deeds will not only help those you are directly serving, but when shared with the community, will foster recognition of your brand as a compassionate organization.

  • Get Creative. While traditional marketing channels like direct mail are just as good, if not better, at reaching clients during this time, the same old messaging might fall a little short. Get creative. Tell your customers how you can help them, offer new solutions, and innovative options.

No matter what you do, remember you are not alone.

Whether you just need some out-of-the-box messaging ideas or an entire marketing campaign, remember we are here to support you.

Stay safe and healthy!

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