Achieving a high Google search rank is the ultimate website victory.

While Google doesn’t make this an easy feat, Ironside has put together key components of Google’s definition of a high-quality page so you can better understand the search algorithm.

Google’s E-A-T Algorithm

Google’s search guidelines utilize the E-A-T algorithm when evaluating a website’s search ranking. Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness.

According to the guidelines, high-quality pages possess the following traits:

  • Enough main content: content should be ample enough to satisfy the needs of a user for a page’s unique topic and purpose (broad topics require more information than narrow topics, for example)
  • The page and its associated content is expert, authoritative, and trustworthy for the topic they discuss
  • The website has a positive reputation for its page topics
  • The website features enough auxiliary information, for example, “About us,” “Contact,” or “Customer Service” information
  • The website features supplementary content that enhances the user’s enjoyment and experience of a web page
  • The page is designed in a functional fashion that allows users to easily locate the information they want
  • The website is maintained and edited regularly and frequently

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