If It Needs to Be in the Design, Don’t Just Add It, Integrate It












Essential Elements – Frog & Paint Brush

The branding for the Painted Frog Pottery and Wine Studio had to balance their quirky, creative style with a design that illustrated their services as well was easily adaptable for multiple placements. We knew including a frog was integral to this design, but creating the perfect frog with personality

was a bit more of a challenge. We presented multiple options to the client and after some discussion about color palette and typography settled with the final version you see here.



Essential Element – 30 Year Anniversary

Knowing the importance behind the Environmental Learning Center’s mission to educate about the significance of the Indian River Lagoon meant that we had to find the perfect way to present their 30th Anniversary Gala while staying true to their roots. Early on, our designers decided to incorporate the photo of leaves and branches, but finding the best way to showcase this important anniversary took a bit more finesse. Ultimately, negative space and beautiful typography was the answer to make the 30th anniversary an integral element of this design.



Essential Element – Drone

Initial discussion between this client and our art team quickly established that representing a drone was a must in this logo, the challenge was the best way to seamlessly incorporate this design element. After some play with typography and color, Ironside landed on a version that was simple, clean and above the rest.

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